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Credit Cards & ACH

Send your clients a link to their invoice, and give them the option to pay by credit card or bank transfer. They'll also have the option to print the invoice, and pay by mail.

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Add Your Brand

Enter your company name, upload a logo, and even choose your colors. We'll drop all of those things on the invoice for you, completely unbranded from FlatBill.

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No Monthly Fee

Use FlatBill only when you need to. There's no monthly subscription cost. In fact, you only get charged if your clients pay through our website.

Automatic reminders for overdue payments
Dashboard with unnecessary metrics
Unlimited invoices
Unlimited clients
Select payment options per invoice
Print or download invoices
Customized emails with your brand

Beautiful invoices delivered to your clients

Customized with your logo, colors, and company name

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per paid invoice
Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Invoices
Custom Branding
No Monthly Fees

Stripe Transaction Fees

We use Stripe to process payments. You can find out more on their website, but here is the gist.

Credit Cards

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

ACH Transfers

$5 per transaction. Limit of $10,000


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